VajracaksuAt the young age of 16 for 4 years I got actively involved in left-wing politics but in 1988 a deep personal crises forced me to re-evaluate my beliefs, values and priority in life. During my university (polytechnic) years from 1988 to 1991, during which I got a Social Science degree, I was much more interested in learning from the inside than learning from the outside. I took up meditation practice in 1988, and in that year as a direct result of this new found ‘tool’ I had some wonderful experiences of joyousness, inner vitality and a sense that I was somehow intimately connected to the rest of life. I’ve been practising meditation ever since, a little more than half my life.

I first made contact with the London Buddhist Centre in December the same year. I was very interested in the meditation but was strongly resistant to the Buddhism as I was still heavily influenced by left wing politics. It was only after a lengthy study group focusing on a book on Buddhist ethics called “The Ten Pillars of Buddhism” by Sangharakshita led beautifully by my (now) friend Ratnaghosa that I had to face the fact that I had infact become a Buddhist! This dawning happened in late 1990 and as a result of the study, which was really more of the nature of exploration and investigation, and the wonderfully loving example of Ratnaghosa, that I felt deeply attracted to increasingly living by the principles of non-violence and loving-kindness in body, speech and mind.

In 1997 in the context of a 16 week retreat in the midst of Spanish mountains I got ordained into the Western Buddhist Order and was given the name, ‘Vajracaksu’, a Sanskrit name which can be translated as ‘he who sees the truth’ or ‘diamond vision’; though I myself am making no claims! Another major turning point for me was having the great privilege of doing an excellent 6 months solitary retreat in north Wales in 2001, these were the richest, happiest and most meaningful 6 months of my life. It was on this retreat as a result of a dream that I had that I set my sights on Istanbul in order to teach and share my experience and understanding of meditation practice and Buddhism. Since August 2003 I’ve been living in Istanbul and teaching meditation and Buddhism to interested people.

In February 2009 I became Turkey’s first accredited “Breathworks Mindfulness Trainer.” Breathworks offers mindfulness based living well with pain, illness and stress courses.

“I have known Vajracaksu for about 20 years. I have always been struck by his integrity, energy and enthusiasm. He is a very honest man – honest with himself and honest with others. He does not pretend to be anything other than what he really is. He is authentic. He loves to find the truth, whether it is the truth about himself and his motivations or the truth about the meaning of life. He is a determined and persistent seeker after truth. He also loves to share his enthusiasm for truth with others and is a very open, honest and effective communicator and teacher. He has been meditating and practising Buddhism for as long as I have known him and he has gradually become imbued with the beauty and clarity that comes from those practices. I recommend him to anyone who is keen to explore the deeper meaning behind the everyday facades or anyone who wants stimulating and challenging teaching and discussion.”

Dharmachari Ratnaghosha (Ben Murphy) “WINDHORSE: EVOLUTION” Director and writer. Author of “Dana: from Confidence to Compassion” (1995); “Kshanti: the perfection of patience, tolerance and receptivity” (1997) “The Power of the Precepts” (1997), and “Just a word……” (2002).

“I have known Vajracaksu for at least 16 years. I have found him to be exemplary in his reliability in maintaining his word. He is a warm, friendly, enthusiastic, thorough and determined man who has the courage of his convictions. Vajracaksu is often a man of the heart and has the facility to care deeply about others; as well as the truth. I am confident that Vajracaksu will bring great diligence and care to any meditation and mindfulness teaching that he does.”

John Linney
Tai Chi Teacher (Cambridge)


“Vajracaksu is a kind, generous and patient teacher. His practice is always rooted in actual experience which makes studying with him potentially deeply transformative. A wonderful introduction to mindfulness.”

Pelin Turgut